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Folklore, fairies and demonic spirits in the sceptical 17th century. A flyer flowed in 1696 that recounted the narrative of a 19-year-old household worker, Ann Jeffries, who, while sewing in the garden, experienced ‘six Persons of a little Stature, all dressed in green, which she call’d Fairies’. The story was composed and distributed by Moses Pitt, a […]

Looked with an emergency in her own life and an unverifiable future, Sarah Stoddart Hazlitt discovered break in long, strenuous and frequently unsafe strolls. Endless ladies have emulated her example. Touching base in Edinburgh on 21 April 1822 on board the Leith smack Superb, Sarah Stoddart Hazlitt ventured onto the docks towards an unverifiable future. […]

The word History is known as :The study of past events, particularly in human affairs. Or  The whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing.   History of Bears Guardians Dear perusers and fans, we are utilized to monitor canines to our homes, however evidently there are likewise “bears watchmen! Something […]