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Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.

Technology , Science and Engineering

The distinction between science, engineering, and technology is not always clear. Science is systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. Technologies are not usually exclusively products of science, because they have to satisfy requirements such as utility, usability, and safety.

Engineering is the goal-oriented process of designing and making tools and systems to exploit natural phenomena for practical human means, often (but not always) using results and techniques from science. The development of technology may draw upon many fields of knowledge, including scientific, engineering, mathematical, linguistic, and historical knowledge, to achieve some practical result.

Technology is often a consequence of science and engineering, although technology as a human activity precedes the two fields. For example, science might study the flow of electrons in electrical conductors by using already-existing tools and knowledge. This new-found knowledge may then be used by engineers to create new tools and machines such as semiconductors, computers, and other forms of advanced technology. In this sense, scientists and engineers may both be considered technologists; the three fields are often considered as one for the purposes of research and reference.

The exact relations between science and technology in particular have been debated by scientists, historians, and policymakers in the late 20th century, in part because the debate can inform the funding of basic and applied science. In the immediate wake of World War II, for example, it was widely considered in the United States that technology was simply “applied science” and that to fund basic science was to reap technological results in due time. An articulation of this philosophy could be found explicitly in Vannevar Bush’s treatise on postwar science policy, Science – The Endless Frontier: “New products, new industries, and more jobs require continuous additions to knowledge of the laws of nature … This essential new knowledge can be obtained only through basic scientific research.”In the late-1960s, however, this view came under direct attack, leading towards initiatives to fund science for specific tasks (initiatives resisted by the scientific community). The issue remains contentious, though most analysts resist the model that technology simply is a result of scientific research.

Choosing the Right Web Designer

For those who have already tried to run their online business will be familiar with some terms in it. There will be website hosting, search engine optimization, and many others. However, they will also need website designer. It is important to help you to design your website. Like or dislike, the more attractive your websites, the more visitors you will get. Therefore, you can also earn money from it as much as possible.

However, not all people can design their website by themselves. It means that they still need other people who expert in this field to help them in designing their website. There are some advantages that you can take from asking service from website designer such as in online backup site. First, they can help you to set up your website as you want. Then, you can also calculate the possibility of using web designer toward your income. Like or dislike the final aim for your business is to get money as much as possible.

Knowing how important web designer is, you must choose the right person to build your website. Moreover, you can also ask someone who really know about this field to maintenance your website. It is important because your website also need to be update continuously. For more information and advantages, please visit site.


GMC Sierra

Yesterday, I went to my friend’s home. He is very cognizant about all things related to cars. Even, he has more than 10 cars magazine which is very expensive since it is another country-produced magazine. He then tell me a car which is named GMC Sierra. Now, I will tell you a bit about this. GMC Sierra was first time finished in 2007, and since it has a simple and plain looking, It is still popular and still being produced until now. Recently, It is updated and upgraded to The 2010 gmc sierra. It was known that its interior can be compared to luxury sedan’s interior. Generally, If we compared the 2010 model and previous model, It still has much the same.

Also, he told me that this cars also have many benefits. Steering and handling will be much easier because it is provided with In-touch steering and handling, Engines will be very powerful since it is Wide Spectrum one. Plus, this car would not use much of the fuel, and its beds, caps, and powertrain varies in many conditions. Last, It also provided with good looking-interior which I said before. But, it is also a bit disappointed me that It is somewhat plain-looking not simple, the hybrids takes too much place so it deletes underseat storage. also, the front seats is flat bottomed ones.

Automobile expenses

In certain circumstances, employees are allowed to deduct the cost of their car for the income tax. However, the requirements to meet this end are quite stringent. It goes without saying that the expenses must be incurred in the course of employment. In addition, the following conditions must be met:

  • the employee must be ordinarily required to perform the duties of his employment outside place of business of his employer or in different places;
  • It should be required under his contract of employment, pay costs;
  • it must file with his income tax return for the year Form T2200 (or at least keep on file) signed by the employer certifying that the above requirements have been met.

Note that the movement “in the course of employment” does not include travel between your home and workplace. They are, however, travel between different places of employment (for example, between an office and warehouse or between two different offices), your workplace instead of a client’s business and between the locations of the customers.

Deductible expenses include gasoline, maintenance, repairs, oil, car washes, the registration fees and driver’s license and vehicle insurance.

If you borrowed to buy the car, interest can be deducted, subject to overall ceiling of $ 300 per month. (The limits above apply for 2008. All these dollar limits are reviewed annually and increases are announced by the Ministry of Finance in late December for the following year.)

In all cases, the costs must be allocated in proportion to the distance traveled in the course of employment (which excludes travel between home and workplace as explained above) and for personal purposes. For example, if the number of miles traveled in the course of employment represents 20% of the total number of miles traveled in the year you can deduct 20% of eligible expenses.

You are not entitled to deduct the cost of a car if your employer reimburses you. Similarly, you do not deduct fees you receive from your employer a car allowance tax free.

However, if you receive a taxable auto allowance (an allowance deemed unreasonable because it is not based on the miles traveled for work), you are entitled to deduct your car expenses, subject to the conditions described above .

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