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Dear readers and lovers of animals, this is an article on some curious news about the animals of Alaska, both large and small predatory animals of one of the most inhospitable places on earth, just below the Arctic Circle.

Here disappear over 500 tourists each year. It ‘a territory inhabited by bears, both blacks that brown bears. These can weigh up to 500 kilograms and grow to 3 meters in height. With one leg can disembowel a man and, confronted with this giant of nature, it is almost helpless.

The only way to avoid it, although, paradoxically, seems at odds with our way of thinking is to do a lot of noise. Be heard, really!

The bear, in fact, is frightened by the noise and not attack never a particularly rowdy group of people. When you’re alone, you are more vulnerable and a bear becomes dangerous when the pier caught by surprise. Most of the attacks that are unleashed to hunters, precisely, are perpetrated because they wander gingerly putting in alarm the bear. In short: the bear to feel your presence is the only way to opposite! Bears blacks kill fewer people of grizzly bears, but in 90% of their attacks they see humans as prey. The bears love fish for salmon, which are greedy. I open a small parenthesis on these fish: There are two kinds, real and pink salmon. A peculiarity of these fish is the ability to find water where they were born, even the affluent. Fish are very sensitive to the shadows and among their most feared predators are eagles that dive from above.


animals of alaska Dear readers, surely the Grizzly, otherwise known as the grizzly bear is one of the best known species of brown bear as well as one of the most feared (rightly). We know that the polar bear has the record for size, but larger specimens of the Grizzly are very competitive. Frightening because of its size, the Ursus Arctos horribilis (this is the scientific name) is erroneously regarded as a large carnivore, when in fact over 90% of its diet is of plant origin. Indeed, although face so afraid to look at, the grizzly is a skilled predator but adapts its diet depending on the environment that surrounds it. Can hunt deer, elk and bison, but (even if it seems very strange) may feed as often happens, carrion and small rodents … If you consider that its size may exceed 700 kilograms, the issue does reflect a little, do not you too? This bear has an American peculiarity: The hump in his back this is not just a fat reserves, but allows the animal to give power to the legs. The grizzly bear is an animal very irritable, which immediately becomes aggressive if provocato.Sono been reported and documented several attacks both man and other animals. So be very careful … even the zoo!


bear The polar bear is, as the title, the largest land carnivore in place. This species of bear, whose scientific name is Ursus maritimus, is distinguishable by its white color which allows it to blend in glaciers where he lives. Its natural habitat is just the North Pole is its white fur allows it to survive the freezing cold weather. An important feature of his fur is that, despite the white, still manages to store heat (just like the darker colors). Polar bears are excellent swimmers who have honed over the years the technique of hunting. Their primary food in the diet is the seal, but the bears are adapted to survive to feed on any waste and even berries. Surely the latter prefer birds or small fish, or reindeer but you know … you can not have everything! The polar bear is also greedy of lemmings, rodents that can swallow even integers. As for the seals, however, hunting is killing the prey with a paw. A mortal danger to the polar bear is the walrus: the hunt for this animal may in fact lead to injuries not indifferent Ursa and even in cases where the walrus is a large sample, the death of the hunter.


polar bears The United States has finally decided to consider the polar bear an endangered species, because its survival depends increasingly reduced polar ice due to global warming. In addition to bears, will be fully protected even their environment. Means that it will not extract the oil – very abundant, it seems – hidden underground around the polar cap. Had already started procedures to exploit those around the Bering Sea, Alaska. American experts warn that the exploitation of Arctic oil fields is the only thing that can protect us from oil to $ 200 a barrel. Though some experts have announced the $ 200 oil within a couple of years before even considering the business of the bears. Imagine now … So it is true, the recession is environmentalist? On New Ecology polar bears become endangered species in the U.S. Bloomberg on protecting polar bears oil will rise to $ 200 Agi on the weather, a few days ago, the oil quickly to $ 200 (regardless of the bears)


greedy bear

Orso bruno (Ursus arctors). Bayerischer Wald National Park

Dear readers and lovers of animals, a few days ago did talk about a bear that American has miraculously saved after being trapped inside a parked car. Its purpose was to eat a peanut butter sandwich, but by mistake, the animal has the gear to the vehicle and slipped down the slope! It ‘happened in Colorado and it took about two hours before police managed to free the bear afraid. But this is just the latest adventure of a bear too greedy, for example, imagine the reaction of a bear cub sniffing for the first time without knowing more combative honey bees? For these insect sting is an ultimate sacrifice, because they fail to pick up the sting that the “be torn off.” But bees are wild and not causing trouble to defend their hive and their honey at cost of living. Sure, the bear with a paw can destroy the hive and the insect bites cause just a big nuisance and nothing more. Usually after having stolen a portion of honey, the bear goes away in peace and bees survived, unable to save the larvae begin to store honey left in his stomach by an amount equal to your weight, so survive until the construction of the new hive. Another “food” they are greedy bears are the salmon that migrate once a year: just on this occasion the most feared hunter in the north is the basis of fat to survive the winter. The bears’ survival depends on the abundance of fish, or risk starvation.


BEAR SPECIES If you think a bear, probably the image that comes to mind is that of grizzly bear hunting salmon in rivers or white bears running through the Arctic ice. However, there are these two types of bears that we can find, because until there are eight species that comprise the Ursidae family, which owns the bears, such as polar bears (Ursus maritimus), brown bear (Ursus arctos), the American black bear (Ursus americanus), giant anteater or sloth (Melursus ursinus), Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus), the Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus), the spectacled bear and giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). Although bears belong to the category of omnivores, ie they consume all foods, not all follow this pattern of food and that the polar bear has become nearly carnivore to feed mainly on seals, the herbivorous panda, eating Bamboo and sloth bear feeding on ants and termites. Of these, the polar bear is larger, as it is defined as one of the largest land carnivores in the world, since the male can weigh up to 800 kilos, and when she stands, is two feet. As in all bear species, the female is slightly smaller. The smallest is the Malayan sun bear, and weighing about 60 kilos and is a little over a meter tall when he stands. Males of different species of bear are very aggressive, so that may constitute a danger to the puppies. Thus, when females have offspring, raising the cubs by themselves, away from the areas crossed by the males.



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